Gas station parking lots are dangerous (weekend recap)

Sunday was such a bad day I'm *glad* it's over! It began with a backache and ended with the crunching of some metal :(

First off, I woke up in a really bad mood and back/rib pain started shortly after. I did not feel well at all and totally took it out on hubby. After cleaning the bathroom, I basically decided I was done for the day and was going to relax. Wishful thinking.

Early in the afternoon, I looked out the back window to see one of the horses had escaped his pen. Luckily he was behind the fence and still on our property, munching on some green grass. I couldn't get hubby on the phone but knew he was just down the road cutting/baling hay, so I flew down there to let him know. He easily got Jax back in the pen and the fence all hooked back up. Anyone want a horse? Free for the taking!

Then after I thought I could relax again, hubby showed back up at the house and asked me to drive truck while he and his brother loaded the hay. I figured it couldn't be too bad. Wrong. I was probably in the worst pain I've ever experienced my entire life. I'm not sure if it's a foot or what, but the only way to get comfortable was to lie down. So when it was time for them to unload the hay, I crawled into the backseat.

The guys ended up loading another trailer, but thankfully not unloading into the barn. After I followed hubby home, we needed to go to town to fill my car with gas (I hate doing this in the mornings!), get some deli meat for his lunch and pick up his work truck.

As we were pulling away from the pump, I looked up and saw a Jeep flying through the parking lot. This dude was seriously crazy and pulled right in front of us (as J was driving). I was pretty speechless and we ended up colliding :( My car actually didn't take too much damage though (thank goodness!) and neither did his Jeep. The guys both figured damage wasn't enough to turn in on insurance and they both drive for a living, so now we're looking into getting it fixed. It looks like it's just a light and some paint and a little ding in the hood on my car. Thankfully we weren't going fast, no one was hurt, and it could have been a lot worse.

Let's see, in other news this weekend we were up until about 10 p.m. getting hubby's truck all clean and pretty to drive in the parade Saturday, which went very well. I walked the entire route! That afternoon, we did some work around the house and picked up to get ready to have the carpets cleaned. And my kitchen is still filled with things from the living room now, because Sunday was so busy!

I think that's about it. Lesson learned : be very, very careful in parking lots.


  1. awe that sucks...Glad you and Tuff are OK!! and if you are giving away a free horse, you can add the one that keeps escaping from the farm down the road to the mix. he seems to think my front yard has the best grass to eat....

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident but so happy that you guys are all ok. :( At least your car didn't have bad damage. I couldn't imagine how stressful that would be with a baby on the way. Hopefully the crazy driver had a bad case of guilt after finding out that his carelessness caused him to hit a car with a pregnant lady inside!

  3. Sounds like you were busy!! And glad you are both ok!


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