Can you give a girl some advice

Two questions today ...

{1} What do I need to have in my hospital bag? Next weekend, a few gals and myself are going shopping and I need your advice!

I'm planning on a couple pairs of cute, comfy pajama pants along with T-shirts and jackets to wear on top while we are in the hospital. A long maxi-type dress or my maternity jeans and a long shirt to wear home. Cute clothes/sock caps for baby. My mom will wash the appropriate coming-home outfit and bring it. My camera. Hair straightener. Toiletries (we have a private bath). Makeup. Pads (icky!!!). Phone charger. List of everyone to call/text/email.

For the hubs: pajama pants. T-shirts and a sweatshirt in case it gets cold. A roll of quarters and some crisp dollar bills for the vending machine. His toiletries. A couple pairs of jeans and nice shirts, since he won't be holed up in a hospital bed.

If you have anything to add, let me know! I've never had a planned overnight stay at the hospital so I will listen to any advice you have!

Also - we are meeting with a potential babysitter next week. Any questions we need to be sure and ask?


  1. This is so exciting to read!! :) I can't wait until Tuff is here! :)

    Unfortunately I can't answer any of your questions but will learn from the answers! haha :)

    Happy Friday! Hope you're enjoying your time off and getting what you want done accomplished!

  2. For the hospital:
    #1 The hospital will give you the necessary after baby care stuff so don't stress out about that.
    #2 You might think more about just wearing night gown type stuff because if you have a traditional delivery, you want to be as FREE as possible "down there".
    #3 Your own pillow. Trust me. If your labor lasts very long, you will want to be comfortable.
    #4 Socks. Hospitals get cold.
    #5 Flips flops to wear home. Your feet will probably still be swollen. I would also go with some type of sweats/leggings, etc instead of jeans to go home in. Once again, no matter what type of delivery you have, you will not want anything to binding either "down there" or around your stomach. Or even a sundress with a coat/jacket.
    #6 List of people to call/text with vital info. Pregnancy brain will inevitably kick in and you will forget someoe.
    #7 Camera, camcorder, phone with all of the chargers, batteries, etc.
    #8 Baby book (if you are doing it) so that when they ink the babies feet they can put the impression directly into it.
    #9 Cigars if J he is in to that sort of thing.
    #10 Shampoo and body wash. You will want to take a shower after delivery. Toothbrush/toothpaste

    Do they have a car readily available?
    How many other children and infants will they be caring for?
    Pets and what types?

    Just a few things. LOL

  3. This is exciting!!

    So naive of me but I had no idea so much stuff into the planning of just the delivery lol.

  4. Your list looks great, but I agree with April, you prob won't want jeans on. I wore sweats/stretchy yoga pants. I also took a granola bar, apple juice, and water, since I wasn't hooked up to an IV. They gave me the option at one point of eating/drinking or starting pitocin. Because we were going for a natural birth, we chose eating/drinking. So while most people are told they can't eat during labor, we were able to, and I was glad I had some small tummy-friendly snacks with me.

    I also agree with April on bringing your own pillow. You will be SO happy you did. Put a pillow case on it that is NOT white, so you and the hospital staff will know it's yours.

    I'll email you our list of nanny interview questions we used. You can modify them to suit your situation!


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