Friday randoms

  • Why hello there :) I haven't really been on the blog since Monday, as I was working on our main campus Tuesday-Wednesday and getting caught up yesterday. Plus we haven't hooked our router back up at home yet. It's on the weekend list.
  • I am the worst mommy ever. I knew Hank dog's birthday was coming up, but was thinking it was the 21st or 22nd. Last night I had the nagging feeling to check when I realized the date, so I unearthed the box with all our files to check out his AKC registration and sure enough, yesterday was his birthday. And I didn't realize it until 5 p.m. I felt horrible. Anyhow, when Daddy got home we sang to him, gave him lots of love and let him go for a ride with us. I may make him a doggie cake this weekend. Last year I did this post about him, and this one to recap his celebrations.

  •  When picking crib bedding, I kept going back and forth on using a bumper, but my mom said it should be fine - those concerns were around when we were kids and there was never an issue. Well, this week, there's been so much more talk about it, specifically with the American Academy of Pediatrics saying not to use them. (Article here} So now I have no idea what to do. The bed looks so much nicer with it, but obvs I am concerned about Baby R's safety.
  • We all know how expensive babies are, right? Well, I'm super excited about this  giveaway. I could definitely use these products and hope I win!
  • This is the first weekend in a very long time that we have no plans. So I think we're going to crash in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn tonight and cuddle and do some DVR cleaning out. I'm sure 100 hours of space won't last too long once Tuff begins to make his/her appearance.
  • I also plan to sleep as long as I want to tomorrow and maybe even take a nap. Other than that, it's just work on the nursery and clearing out our mess of a spare bedroom that I really want to get accomplished.
  • We met with a potential babysitter last night. She seems perfect but ... she's just not me. On the way home we talked about it and I suddenly burst into tears. Hubby asked what was wrong and I said I would never find anyone perfect and I don't want someone else "raising" our kid, I want to do it. At least the first 2-3 years. After he convinced me that living off one income isn't in the cards for us right now (something I already knew) I suggested he just take another job. Not that that is really possible right now either, but I just don't want to leave my babe with someone else and around other kids. Yes, there is a good chance this child will be extremely spoiled, and that's OK. I'm thinking of only having one child, and hubby said if Tuff is a boy, that may be alright with him, lol.
  • I'm super sad the Cardinals lost the game in the ninth inning last night. Oh well, there are still five more games to play in the World Series and we only have to win three of them!

  • After a week of cool temperatures (more late November-like than mid-October!) I am excited to see 70s in the forecast again for next week. I'm not much of a fan of wearing socks and close-toed shoes.
  • Is it really almost November? And my due date is a month from Saturday? Crazy! I am very much ready for this munchkin to arrive, though - just not until November when I am full term.
  • Happy weekend :)



  1. The giveaway looks great, I hope you win! I registered for a few of those 2500 dollar gift card things through pregnancy weekly or something like that. I don't expect I would ever win but it's worth a shot!

    I am planning to use a bumper only because I don't want my baby's arms and legs getting caught between the spaces of the crib. But its definitely nerve racking with all the news about it lately.

    I know exactly what you mean about "she's not you." I never wanted to be a stay at home mom until I got pregnant and worry about who will be "raising" my child all day 5 days a week. Will they ignore my baby's cry? Will they hold too much? Will they pay enough attention? What kind of words will they use in front of my baby? It's endless worries and it all intensified after a couple of hopeful sitters fell through for us (people that we knew). The thought of a stranger worries me so much. But we just can't afford it and doesn't appear that hubby's teaching salary will ever be enough to support an entire family on. :(

  2. I was afraid after 3 months home I would want to stay home full-time, but the exact opposite happened! My situation is a little different since I work full-time at the house and the nanny comes here. Obviously I can see/hear them all day, but you might surprise yourself when the time comes. So don't stress too much. It will all work out and tears in the meantime are totally normal.

    Also, we used a bumper up until this week, and the baby never got up against it when he was little. Maybe I was naive, but I never worried about him suffocating. The only reason I took it out is because he's using it as a launching pad while romping about in the crib.


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