It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK

... to try and swipe your card in the gas tank of your car instead of the appropriate place on the pump.

... to cry approximately 165741 times a day.

... including when you tell your husband how stupid you felt trying to use your gas tank as a credit card machine, and he cracks up laughing.

... to be dying for an iced sugar cookie at 2 p.m.

... but not give in, and then want nothing for supper. So your hubby makes his world-famous PB&J and a protein shake for you.

... for your hubby to say he hopes his kid comes out with muscles, hence the protein shake.

... to have toothpaste on your shirt the day you have a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, and not realize until you are talking to someone at work and look down.

... to want to go to bed the minute you make it home from work, but know that you can't.

... to only be halfway joking when you ask your husband to bring a pre-mixed margarita (mmmm tequila) or shot of whiskey to the hospital to celebrate the birth of your child. Although you plan to breastfeed. #mommyoftheyear.

... to hope and pray your baby holds off until a certain date so childbirth doesn't get in the way of your haircut/color/eyebrow wax.

... to be excited yet terrified that a witty bitty baby is about to join your house.

... to complain you don't get near enough time to sleep and relax, less than four weeks before said baby is due.

... to spend $1,000 on an awesome DSLR camera and only use it in auto mode.

... to wear sandal-type heels when the forecast high for the day is in the 50s.

... and plan to wear them until you give birth, and not care what anyone says/thinks.

What's "OK" with you today?


  1. Haha! You make me laugh!

    I also use Auto most of the time. I try other options but Auto always looks the best.

    And about the gas tank/debit card... I have tried more than once -wish I was kidding - to type a phone number for a fax on the.....wait for it.... copier. Yep. lol

    I hope baby Tuff holds off for your appointment too! Getting a fresh new do will make you feel so much better! Not to mention it will be hard to get to an appointment with a fresh new babe at home! :)

  2. Great research article on alcohol and breastfeeding here. I'm no doctor, but you can see for yourself how little effect one alcoholic drink has on the baby. Be sure to click the chart!
    I went to bed at 6:20pm the other night. I promise whatever it is can wait until tmrw.
    They made the auto mode on the DSLR for a reason. Use it!!
    And you totally get a free pass to cry. Anytime. Anywhere. For anything or nothing.


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