What I'm Loving

Sorry guys, I think Baby R has officially taken over my life/mind, so this is going to be filled with things about him/her.

{1} I'm LOVING that we had another good appointment yesterday! I was quite mad because we waited FOREVER (20 minutes in the waiting room and then at least half an hour once we were in the room) but when I found out my doc was with another patient having problems, I felt awful. I mean, I have this healthy little critter growing inside of me and I'm so thankful, but hearing of others in that situation is so sad. Plus my doc/staff was all right there for me when I had kidney stones, so why shouldn't I expect them to be just as dedicated to other patients?

Anyhow, I'm now measuring just a week ahead. Doc had a few minutes as we were leaving, so she felt the baby and guessed about 6.5 lbs. right now. If I make it to my due date and babe continues to grow on track, we're looking at an about 8.5 pound baby - perfect! I also had an internal and a big fat NOTHING when it comes to progress, but that's OK. I'm really not ready yet anyhow.

{2} I'm LOVING that I had the CD of maternity pictures waiting in my mailbox when we got home :) I brought the DVD with me today so I could share a few but my computer won't read it, so I guess that will be a post all in its own. I really love how she gave me pretty much everything she shot that day :)

{3} I'm LOVING grapefruit juice!
{4} I'm LOVING Crock Pots :) They are a lifesaver. And something I am sure I will appreciate even more in the coming months :)
{5} I'm LOVING all the sweet people in my life who have shown so much love to our little munchkin already, and are trying to help keep me sane.

{6} Most of all, I'm loving my hubby, who puts up with my death looks and crazy hormones. Poor guy ... but then again, I am carrying his baby!


  1. love your maternity pic!! so cute!!

  2. LOVE that picture!!!! :) You are seriously glowing!!
    So glad y'all had a good appoitment!

  3. Just wait until after the baby gets here. He/she will definitely take over your life. LOL Glad everything went well at the doctor.

  4. I love having a crock pot! and this week I've been drinking apple juice. ha. Grapefruit sounds good too!

  5. I am loving grapefruits as well!


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