You Challenge - Week 5 :)

Wowsa, I'm seriously halfway through this already? And it's October? The last full month of it just being hubby and I?

Six places ...

{1} Sikeston, Mo. --- where hubby and I met and lived (we're just outside now) before we bought our house. It's also where we work.

{2} Gulf Shores, Ala. --- where we became husband and wife.

{3} St. Augustine, Fla. --- our first vacation together, where we became engaged.

{4} Columbia, Mo. --- BEAUTIFUL town (I hope to live there someday!) and where I lived for four years while I went to college.

{5} Italy --- because J and I have always wanted to visit.

{6} New York City --- another dream destination.

Happy weekend :)

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  1. Awesome places! NYC is definitely amazing around Christmas! I'd love to visit Italy too!


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