You Challenge - Week 6 :)

I can't believe this is already halfway over!

For my five foods, I'm going to share some favorites/cravings right now:

{1} Mashed potatoes with (kettle) beef and gravy

{2} Chicken and dressing/chicken and dumplings

{3} A big hamburger, on a sesame seed bun. With lettuce and tomato.

{4} Any sort of apple dessert.

{5} DIP! Specifically this one. I've been craving it for days, but don't have any shredded chicken at the house. And I'm sorta afraid I may eat it all in one sitting. It could be a meal, right? Protein, dairy and carbs - ha!

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  1. OK it is 7:05am and i am offically craving a burger!!


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