Bumpdate - 34 weeks

Six weeks to go! And I'm definitely feeling it. I've got the wobble, the swelling and all that.

Anyhow, during week 33, Baby R was about the size of a honeydew, and likely grew about a full inch. Weight at this point is typically around 4 lbs., but doctor said the baby is bigger than that at my 32 week checkup. The bones are hardening, and Tuff's brain is developing like crazy. Skin is becoming softer and losing the wrinkled, alien look. At this point he/she can coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.

As of 34 weeks, we are in a pretty safe territory. According to my pregnancy app, babies born between 34 and 37 weeks with no other health problems generally do fine, although they may have some shart-term health problems.

My kidney stones are not bothering me anymore, thank goodness. So hopefully we'll have a good, routine checkup today.

Cravings this week have been mostly in the form of drinks. I've wanted chocolate milk so much that we bought the huge container of Nesquik at Walmart. We'll probably still be using that stuff when Tuff is old enough to drink chocolate milk. Sunny D is delish. And while grocery shopping yesterday, I spotted grapefruit juice in the cooler and HAD to have it. It was so delicious. I've been keeping a glass of water or Koolaid by the bed too, so I can have a drink before coming back to bed after using the restroom.

Speaking of bathroom, I can tell my bladder is being squeezed. I've been getting up 2-3 times at night! I'll tell you what, no one warns you that your toilet paper usage will double when you become pregnant. It seems like I just emptied a 12-pack in the bathroom I typically use, and this morning I ran out of darn toilet paper. Grrrrr....

I'm just under 20 pounds of weight gain. Considering how hungry I was late last week/over the weekend, I'm surprised it wasn't more.

We have our nursing and childbirth/infant prep class this weekend. I'm so excited to be on the road by 7:15 a.m., lol. That's earlier than I am leaving for work most mornings!

I can't wait to finish the nursery and want to hire someone to help me deep clean the entire house.

I've been trying to make a point to spend as much time as possible with my fur baby Hank before we turn his world upside down. I typically try to get him to kiss my belly with no luck. Well, last night I was just sitting in the chair playing on my phone and he walked up, licked and nuzzled out of the blue. Baby kicked - I think he/she already loves big brother Hank.

We had maternity pictures on Sunday and she had a sneak peek posted last night. Here are a few of my faves. If you want to see more, let me know and I'll give you the link to her facebook page.

I changed my Facebook profile picture to the top one, and let's just say people were very surprised! Haha, facebook world - you can't stalk me!

We took a profile shot last night, but I forgot my memory card. And they aren't near as good as the professional ones.

That's it for this week! Fingers crossed for a GREAT appointment today.


  1. the pictures are beautiful michelle! i love the second one :)

  2. Girl, your pictures are SO good. You know I want to see the rest, so send me the link!!
    Not too much longer!!!!!! :)

  3. I love these!! I'd love to see more!

    Under 20 pounds? That's amazing. I'm gonna need you to fill me in on how to do this! haha.

    Can't wait to hear how the class goes!

    I reuse any Styrofoam cups I get for a while. I put ice water in it before bed and it stays cold through most of the night so I can get a drink after I pee too! :)

  4. lovely photos! only 6 weeks to go! how exciting! x

  5. LOVE all of the pics! They really turned out great.

    20lbs is good!


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