Bumpdate - 36 weeks

Today, I turn 36 weeks pregnant! One more week and I am full-term, but I've been trying to talk Baby R into waiting until the second week of November to make his/her appearance, as I have a hair appointment on Nov. 4. Ha!

On to recap Week 35.

According to my pregnancy app, at over 18 inches, Baby was running out of wiggling room (I've felt this way for awhile) and was weighing around 5.25 lbs. Tuffy exceeds both of those figures. The kidneys became fully developed, and his/her liver can process some waste products. For the most part, development is pretty complete, as his/her main job in the next few weeks is to put on weight (and be that cute chunky babe!!!)

I begin my weekly doctor appointments today and should get a good idea of his/her weight and size :) Also today I am supposed to have the Group B strep test.

I'm getting tired easily and swelling most every night. My belly is *very* heavy, and it's sometimes difficult to roll over.

I'm sort of having some "evening sickness" in that I don't really want anything to eat. It's not as bad at the first trimester, but I definitely have times that I have no idea what I want to eat - but that could just be laziness when it comes to cooking!

Still loving my drinks though. This week, it seems to be grapefruit juice and chocolate milk. I'm still trying really hard to get 80-100 ounces of water daily, so I've been going through about a half gallon of KoolAid every two days to help get water but give it some extra flavor.

I also continue to like string cheese, anything pasta, cookies and spicy foods. But I've been getting some indigestion, so I'm trying not to have too many spicy foods.

Although I know my belly is getting bigger and hoping the baby continues to grow, I somehow haven't gained any weight in the past week, and I'm still between 21 and 22 pounds of weight gain.

I'm curious if I'll have an internal today and find out if I'm progressing any - but then again, I don't know if I want to get my hopes up/dashed. I've been having cramps at night (I notice them mostly on my bathroom breaks) for about a week now, and read that can lead to dialating/effacement. I've also noticed a few other things but will spare the details :)

The house is ready for a baby, but mommy would still like a little more time to prepare. The closet in our spare bedroom is now cleaned out, I just need to finish organizing what goes back in and finish cleaning the rest of the room, which I hope I can tackle in one night. Our carpets were re-cleaned yesterday to get the paint out. 

What I'd still like/need to do: put all the baby gear together/back together, pack our hospital bags, wash the coming home outfits (they are freaking adorable!), buy the last few necessities (I think we'll be doing this after next week's doctor appointment), finish the spare bedroom, wipe down the trim/clean under the bed in the master, organize/mop the basement, put together the accent table and bookshelf in the nursery once they come in, get some art on the walls, buy baskets for the changing table, and decide for sure on a doctor. Oh, and have a nice "date night" with hubby, considering how thanks to my hormones, we've been pretty ugly to each other here lately.

That's not too ambitious, right?

No time for a picture last night/this morning. I'll try to update later, even if it is just a cell phone one.


  1. I can't believe you are already 36 weeks! (Although i'm sure you can!) I just feel like we all found out you were pregnant yesterday!

  2. So happy for you! Can't wait to meet this little beautiful baby :)

  3. Hair appointments are important! haha Are you still going for a pedicure too?

    I hope you can get done as much as possible before Tuff gets here!

    Stress always makes Craig and I argue and bicker back and forth. I'm sure with your due date approaching and a list of stuff you want to do is causing a good bit but it will settle back down in no time! I sure hope you can get a fun date night in!


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