Bumpdate - 35 weeks

I know these posts have all included some variation of this intro for about the past two months, but I seriously cannot believe I am 35 weeks pregnant! In 35 days, give or take (probably take, according to the doctor) I will have a sweet little baby in my arms and know if I can go crazy buying lots of pink or blue!

Week 34 was productive and miserable - ha! I got my flu shot at the doctor last week and pretty much reacted with every possible side effect. Today, a sinus headache is killing me and my nose continues to be runny. Sigh. I'm sure all that cleaning and stirring up dirt and dust didn't help matters any, either, nor the fact that they are harvesting corn in the field just behind our property.

It's hard to be too miserable with this beautiful, healthy baby growing inside of me though, so I'm going to stick with happy thoughts :) And continue to hope for some good days before munchkin arrives.

Anyhow, babies usually weigh about 4 3/4 pounds at 34 weeks (about an average cantaloupe) but this one continues to be on the big side, as the doctor guessed about 5.5 lbs. at my appointment last week. It amazing how they can just feel and have a pretty educated guess of the baby's size! During last week, fat layers were filling out, making babe rounder, and the skin was smoother than ever! The central nervous system matured, as well as lungs.

Nesting is in full swing, and a lot was crossed off our to-do list last week. I should probably update our list soon. Really, the two most important things at this point are finding a doctor and confirming the babysitter. Oh, and buying a coming-home outfit and finding a baby book.

I feel bigger every day and it's a wonder I don't topple. I don't even want to think about what the largest part of my waist measures - I know it's at least 40 inches - and I am all baby! I'm not really sure on the weight gain ...

A lot of my cravings are still drinks. Which may explain why I've been waking up about three times a night to use the restroom recently. I really hope my love of cooking comes back once the baby is here, because I miss it. Hubby said he misses the yummy smells when he walks through the front door, too.

Anyhow, I am scheduling this post so I took some iPhone pics at work so you can all see how huge I am right now. Sorry for the icky quality yet again. These were taken Monday, so I was 34 weeks, 6 days.


  1. you are too cute! you look like you are smuggling a basketball!! seriously, that is the only place that has changed!!

  2. I hope you start feeling better so you can enjoy the last of your baby free days with your hubby!

    I haven't stopped cooking/baking yet. But I know once I don't feel like standing for so long I will. It'll get harder. But yours should return once it's not such a hard task!

    Girl, you are ALL belly! What an adorable pregnant lady you are! I'm jealous already! :)

  3. You look so cute!! Yay for being towards to the end!


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