Weekend wrap-up

First off, how are all of you? We unhooked our router last weekend because it was in the baby's room and haven't had the time to start it back up yet, so I've been relying on my iPhone to stay in touch with the outside world and was incredibly busy during fall break. So I haven't read blogs since about noon last Wednesday. This morning I attempted to get caught up but quickly gave up, especially since I have lots to do after 2 days off and will be on our main campus for meetings, etc. the next 2 days.

Anyhow, on to the business of the weekend ...

We started with a 1.5 page to-do list. Which quickly grew to two pages. Originally, I had planned to prepare some meals with mom's help and stash them in the freezer. But over the past few weeks, I've decided my house was a dirty mess and I wanted to deep clean. I can always double recipes a little at a time, I figured, plus I didn't have a lot of room in my freezer.

So on Wednesday night, hubby and I stayed up until past midnight getting things ready in the nursery. We put together the crib (a nightmare!) and set the dresser in place, plus put things back where they belonged, like light switch plates and blinds.

The next morning, Mom arrived and I put in a load of laundry then we went to work in the basement, cleaning out my deep freeze and working on the little items we bought at yard sales - wiping/vacuuming them and cleaning the fabric.

Also that day, we cleaned out the dining room portion of the kitchen, which still had some bags with baby shower items. Then we moved everything and cleaned the walls, trim, windows, etc.! Every nook and cranny, plus about half my cabinets. You really don't realize how dirty things get over 2 years until you start cleaning. We finished up in the kitchen the next day (let me tell you, it was a job and a half!)

We also got all of the baby clothes washed/folded/put away and the other things organized. So many people are afraid Baby R won't have any clothes since we don't know the gender, but let me assure you, he/she has plenty to last until the 6-9 month size hits.

Before Mom had to leave on Friday, we got started in the bathroom and she helped me organize the closet to make a shelf for baby stuff as well as space for the bathtub. We didn't completely finish the room, but I wrapped it up later that night.

Also over the weekend, I deep cleaned the living room, including vacuuming furniture, wiped everything down in our hallway, and J and I finished several other small things, like painting and mounting the fan blades for baby's room, putting together the glider, checking the smoke alarms (that weren't even hooked up!) and more. On Saturday, we also spent most of the day in Cape for the childbirth prep and other classes.

In all, I'd say we crossed about half of the items off the to-do list. And lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. As I explained to hubby, there are a lot of things left on the list, and while some are necessary (like ordering the monitor) others (deep cleaning the master) are more wants. I think if we just tackle one task a day, we'll be done right at Nov. 1, which is when I want to be all ready. Regardless, if I went into labor today (which I totally don't want to happen!) I would feel a lot better about my house being ready not only for a baby, but also visitors!

Right now, my biggest thing is to figure out what pump is best for our needs, and to clear out the spare bedroom, which has become the catch-all for things that were previously in the nursery.

And I promise a nursery reveal post soon, I just want to wait until everything is in place!

About 36 days to go. EEEEK!!!!


  1. whoa! big full weekend! glad you got lots checked off your to do list!! can't wait for those nusery pics!

  2. WOW girl, y'all did a lot!!! I cannot wait to see the sneak peak of the nursery!! So excited!!!
    Try to rest some while you are finishing the other stuff!
    can't wait to see pictures of that baby!!!!! :)

  3. I tried to comment yesterday but our internet went down.

    Yay for getting so much off your to-do list!

    Whew, you sure got a lot done! And all that deep cleaning! I bet you sure feel better now that a lot has been done that you wanted to do!


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