Five on Friday

{1} I stepped on the scale this morning and noticed I lost 1 lb. in the past week. Not fabulous, but considering I haven't been the best at eating well nor have we worked out any in the past week, I don't figure I can complain much, either. 

{2} The not eating well may have something to do with not cooking! Sunday we had J's birthday dinner out, and the sniff of Mc D's french friends caught his eye while we left Wally World on Monday. Then we ran up to Cape on Tuesday and it was easier to just grab something. So I've only cooked once all week. Oops. And we've been finishing off birthday cake. We're down to the last of it though, thank goodness.

{3} Even though I haven't been cooking, the fridge is still full. I'm kinda scared to clean it out for fear of what I'll discover. 

{4} I'm sure everyone has already read or heard about the new Zodiac sign dates. But I'm staying an Aquarius, no matter what you say! 
A few of the characteristics I think make me an Aquarius:

  • Very opinionated with strong convictions; they fight for what they believe in
  • Strong-willed and forceful in their own way
  • Quick in mind and quick to respond
  • Appreciate opportunities to be alone
  • Refined and idealistic, romantic but practical
  • They cannot be easily persuaded they are wrong.
Looking at the list of Capricorn characteristics, I guess some of those fit me as well, but I just wanna stay an Aquarius, K?

{5} I cannot believe that January is basically halfway over. Really? Before you know it, Christmas will be here again!


  1. I wasj ust thinking that I can't believe January is half over either!! Time sure does fly the older we get! :(
    Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, we are still Aquarians. There is an update (on my page). Can't imagine being a Capricorn!

    Congrats on the lb!

  3. I'm an Aquarius still too..You can't just randomly switch people after so many years. I'm refusing!


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