how we spent our snow afternoon

As I mentioned yesterday, I got to leave work early due to the snow/icy road conditions. I thought it was great sledding weather so I went and bought a sled. 

Best $18 I've ever spent. 

Oh, I also got some new windshield wipers, since mine tore. And cornmeal. And while I pulled into the grocery store parking lot someone "slid" into me, but at least they just hit the tire, so no damage. Thank goodness. 

Anyhow, here are the pictures:

So pretty!
Doc horse :)
Our snow-covered home and the mostly immaculate yard

Poor Hank wanted to ride with us so bad! 

Daddy brought his big work truck home!

Finally, we decided to let Hank pull us while he ran after the "bird." He did pretty good!

We also made snow angels and played more, but my camera batteries died and I didn't want to mess up the camera. 

Later we had taco soup and this cornbread. And it really is the best ever!

Today, we plan to do more sledding with his nieces! 


  1. Omgosh it looks like you had a blast!!! Great picture too! I love the ones of your pup dragging the sled! AHH! I can't wait to get enough snow to try this!

  2. Looks fun!! I saved the cornbread recipe and put chili on the menu for next week. I hope it turns out!

  3. HOW FUN!!! Your house is just too cute! And Doc, is beautiful with all the snow surrounding him! :)
    Looks like ya'll had so much fun!! :)
    Thanks for sharing the cornbread recipe - I'm going to try that! :)

  4. I love that you guys went sledding! So fun! Your house is adorable!!! I'm following you now!


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