11 in '11 - Day Seven

There were no huge happenings in 2010. It was pretty much just life. 

So instead of picking just one favorite memory, I'm going to group together all of the home improvement projects we did after moving in Nov. 2009. After all, we both dedicated a full week of vacation to it, and pouring money into it is what kept us from having our toes in the water and a$$ in the sand this summer. 

We've come a long way since this:

The home was foreclosed. It wasn't in horrible shape, but just had been neglected for a couple of years. 

One of our first steps was to fix up the icky landscaping seen above. Seriously --- did they just drop the plants wherever? We scooped out lots of lava rock, removed blocks, transplanted and also mulched. This took place in the spring/late summer. 

We also pressure washed the house. It took two long days in the blistering sun!

As we have five acres, we put up a fence for our horsies and were able to move them in October! We considered building a shed, but ended up buying a pre-built one to store hay, the lawn mower, etc. in. 

We repainted the front door charcoal, and plan to do the shutters in the spring.

Of course, there are a lot of other, smaller things we did around the house. This coming year, we plan to spruce up the landscaping again, and we'll probably have to pull what's on the side of the house, as some appear to have died in the drought over the summer :( Inside, we want to get the plumbing hooked up in the basement and get an operational bathroom, build shelves in the storage room, and trim/place doors in the basement. We also want to continue saving to build a barn so our little horsies have a better shelter. 
I doubt all of this will be done in 2011. But, I think it's good to have a working list and savings goals :)


  1. Sounds like you have some good plans for this year! Make sure you post pictures - I love looking at that stuff!
    Hope ya'll have a fab weekend!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished projects!!

  3. I cant wait to see the finished product! That is a wonderful 2010 memory!

  4. Post after pics! Then come to my house and do mine! LOL

  5. Sounds like hard work, but I'm sure well worth it to reach the final product :)

  6. We did a lot of yard work this year too, never fun if you ask me! I gave you a stylish blogger award that I received...check it out!


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