What I'm Loving

Yay it's Wednesday! This is one of my favorite blogging days because I get to share all sorts of little tidbits. 

{1} I'm LOVING that I get to have lunch at a little bistro here in Sikeston today :) I always get the dumplings and salad. Plus, this place has the yummiest honey butter --- DELISH! While there, we're also going to plan a bridal shower and bach party. 
Speaking of, do YOU have any great ideas (or suggestions for what to stay away from?) for this shower? I have actually never thrown a bridal shower, so I'm looking for ideas :)

{2} I'm LOVING all the ideas I got for my wedding at the bridal show this weekend. J and I have actually been engaged almost two years and haven't done a lot of planning yet, because we bought a house and did some projects (like putting up a fence for the horses) immediately to save money and utilize the land. So now we're finally getting ready to start making plans. I love daisies, so I think that will be my theme --- is that OK for a September wedding?

{3} I'm LOVING that my fridge is so full of leftovers, I don't think I'll have to cook again (other than maybe sides) for the rest of the week. 

{4} I'm LOVING my clean pantry. Now I can actually find things. And I'm thinking February may be another only-buy-the-essentials-at-the-grocery-store month :)

{5} I'm LOVING all of you great followers! Whenever I see a new comment in my email, I get a huge smile on my face.

{6} I'm LOVING that I'm getting my booty back to the gym today. I've got to start training for that 5K soon. 

{7} I'm LOVING that while I was working late yesterday, J took the time to install some lights under the countertops so I can see better while doing the dishes and preparing the food. Such a great surprise :)

{8} As always, I'm LOVING this sweet guy. He's my everything. 


  1. #1 It's your wedding and whatever you want, go for it! Don't waste anytime at all worrying about what others think.
    #2 Getting comments always feels good. Like people actually are reading what you have to say.
    #3 I'm loving that you have 1587 Swagbucks. LOL

  2. One of my favorite ideas for showers is 'soon to be married trivia' where you put the B&G in front of the room & ask them questions, like 'If the Bride could hide any bill from the Groom every month, which bill?' or 'name the city your soon to be spouse was born in?' a favorite is also 'what made you fall in love with the bride & what made you fall in love with the groom'

    Hand out sheets with all the questions to the guests to fill out. Give them 5 minutes-ish. Then ask the bride and groom the questions. Give them either a piece of paper or a tiny dry erase board they have to write the answer to. If you want a better explanation & this make no sense let me know.

    Also daisy, are still in season in September so your florist should have no issue finding quality ones from the US.

  3. I always love having an organized pantry! and daisies is totally okay for a September wedding.. plus YOU'RE The bride so you can do whatever you want and it's okay ;)

  4. Its so sweet how you always end your "What I'm loving" post with the fact that you love your man.

  5. Thanks for playing along!

    I like the idea of those lights!

  6. Found your blog from Stephanie at Many Reasons to Smile and decided I should follow, since your organized pantry made your blog. I feel silly posting house stuff, but it makes me happy to know others do too!

    And I agree with April, it's YOUR wedding, do what YOU want! For my wedding shower, I did a "display" shower, which meant I didn't spend time opening gifts: they were all displayed with cards on large tables, so everyone could see. It left more time for me to mingle with my guests instead of being stuck in a chair with my MOH frantically writing down each gift and who it was from.


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