11 in '11 - Day Four

{Day Four - Best leftover recipe}
I'm going to be honest here and admit that J and I both are pretty picky eaters. We're carnivores --- potatoes, corn, salad and green beans are the basic vegetables in our house. So when we do leftovers, we usually eat it the way it was made the first time. And thanks to the joys of menu planning, I can do a pretty good job of scheduling our meals and ensuring we don't throw away a lot of food.
However, there are some good leftover recipes we have. 
When there is ham, we make either a big 'ole pot of ham and beans, or this — minus the mushrooms! 

When I make chili, I usually use about six cans of beans, 2 pounds of beef and a half gallon of juice. So, we eat on it for a week and eat it in bowls with peanut butter sandwiches, make Frito pies, have chili dogs, and chili cheese nachos. Yum! 

Something else we do a lot during the summer is a "Fill the Grill"  night. It's amazing to have all of the meat for a week cooked at once! We usually just reheat, and often use leftover steak and chicken for tacos. 

Finally, I love to pick up roasts when on sale. They are cheap, lean, and super-easy to cook. I typically will thaw overnight and put the roast in the crock pot the next morning. I just pour a can/bottle of beer on top and let it cook on low all day. Then for supper, I boil potatoes and carrots --- a super easy and healthy meal! Leftovers are used to make stew, or I'll also shred the meat (beef or pork), pour some bbq sauce on top and have bbq sandwiches. 

And there you have it!


  1. Wow, these are all really good ideas! My husband won't eat leftovers though! These sound so delicious ( and I am extremely picky), I think he wouldn't even know it was leftovers!

  2. Great idea with the "fill the grill"!

  3. Fill the grill....great idea!


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